Table of Organization
and Equipment
First Division
Twenty-fourth Welsh Regiment
Thirteenth Battalion
81st Recovery and Repair Group

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Battalion Insignia


544th Transport Company
The Old Dogs Lance
  MTW-14 Covered Transport
  MTW-16 Long Bed Transport
  MTW-105 Engineering Vehicle
  MTW-12 Short Bed Transport

The Aquarians Lance
  MTT-105 Multiple Configuration Tanker
  MTT-105 Multiple Configuration Tanker
  MTT-88 Savior Repair Vehicle
  MVW-0121 Conestoga

Crampton's Camels
SSgt Achmed Crampton  ATT-36 Cargo Master
  MTH-20 Load Master
  MTH-20 Load Master
  ATT-36 Cargo Master (Armed Version)

998th Recovery Command
Sampson's Scavengers
Ensign Aaron Sampson MRM-66 Graboid
  MTT-JI100 Mech Recovery Vehicle
  MTT-750 Flexagon
  MRM-96 Hyena

Trash Men
  MTW-191 Phalanx H.R.V
  MTT-291 R.O.V.E.R.
MSTSgt Michael O'Leary MTW-99 Mobile Mech Recovery Vehicle
  MTT-101 HMRV Oppie Recovery Vehicle and Salvage Bed

998th Airborn Recovery Command
Flatland Fliers
  MTV-03 Orca Heavy Lifter
  MTV-03 Orca Heavy Lifter
  MTV-02 Swordfish Light VTOL
  MTV-02 Swordfish Light VTOL

Dragonfly Lance
  ATA-1000 Tonbo Super-Heavy Transport
  ATA-75 Cardinal
  ATA-75 Cardinal
  ATA-55 Hiryo Armored Infantry Transport

Mobile Landing Platform
  RTT-01 Long Tom
  AVT-64 Slingshot
  RTT-02 Joshua Mobile Launch System
  RTT-01 Black Arrow Mobile Launch System

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