Table of Organization
and Equipment
First Division
Twentyfourth Welsh Regiment (Harlech Men)
Tenth Battalion
61st Combat and Liaison Group

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Battalion Insignia


Battalion Command
Major Dennis O'Day MSK-6S Mackie 
  OC-1X Orca
  OXB-101 Ox Bow ("Shamrock")

Tenth Company
111th Fire Support Company
The Grenadieers
  Jupiter 2
Captain Wann Smith FF-85E Fire Fall Knights of the Old Order
  BA-2H Black Angel
  SA-OS2 Onslaught

The Foreigners
Lieutenant I.B. Crane AS7-D Atlas Bengal's Tiger Brigade
Ensign Walter Mitty ZEU-X Zeus X (Fan Dancer)   Ipswitch Irregulars
  BL-X-KNT Black Knight The Harlequin
Ensign Jose Ramose BL-X-KNT Black Knight Eridani Light Horse

Wise Guys
Edgar Winslow RFL-3N Rifleman   The Winslow Family
Lieutennant Isaco Uagami HCT-3F Hatchetman The Toyko Samari
  UM-R60L Urbanmech
Lieutennant Aswaffi Aswannie     ASN-21 Assassin Ramsies' Pharonic Guard  

Eleventh Company
112th Rifle Company Company
The Rifleers
  RFL-3N Rifleman  
  RFL-3N Rifleman  
  MAD-4X(lg) Marauder
  SYU-2B Sha Yu

  WLF-1 Wolfhound
  DIA-66D Diableros
  BSW-X1 Bushwacker
  CN9-A Centurion

Kentucky Riflemen
  LNC24-04 Lancelot
  KIM-2 Komodo
  HUR-W0-R4M Huron Warrior
  INI-02 Initiate

Twelveth Company

113th Fire Support Company
Blood Deamons Lance
  FLCR-22 Falcor
  WHM-97 Warhammer
  RMR-77 Ramr
  MAD-4X Marauder

Big Cats
  CPLT-9F Catapult
  MAD-6X Marauder

Odd Balls Lance
  TRK-4V Triskelion
  TFT-9A Thunder Fox
  GRT-1 Great Turtle Quinn's Quads Mercenaries
  XNT-30 Xanthos

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