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41st Security Detachment
The Centipede Scout Lance

The 41st Security Detachment is nominally under the 15 Infantry Contingent's command structure. However, it is on permanent detached duty to the Third Regiment to serve as security for the various recovery vehicles that may be called on to go into semi-hostile environments. Since most of the recovery vehicles are lightly armed if at all, the Sloth battle armor performs guard duty on these deployments. If the recovery vehicles have to bug out, Orca and Swordfish VTOLs, which are always on standby during operations can easily make the pickup of the battle armor units.

(Note: I have always liked the Sloth battle armor but never had a good place to utilize some. However, since I was expanding the Third Regiment to include a basically unarmed, recovery compay, I decided to add a Sloth lance as a security contingent for that lance.)

Detachment Insignia

            I pulled my other four flatbed transports to combine with the Phalanx and Oppie lances to form the 998th Recovery Command. I added a lance of Centipede hover scout craft to fill the vacancy and as a result I had to reorganized the entire 9th Battalion.



            The Shuriken are armed autonomous drones. They can operate independantly, or by remote control from a fixed control center. They can be controled by a pilot in either Sloth or Centipede for additoinal flexability. Each Sloth or Centipede can control one Shuriken.



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