Table of Organization
and Equipment
First Division
First Regiment
First Battalion

Three Aces

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Battalion Insignia


Battalion Command
Killarney Lance
Colonel Clancy O'Brian CP-11A Cyclops
  MAD-4S Marauder II
  HGN-732 Highlander
  KGC-001 King Crab

Company "A"
Tallamore Lance
  STK-5t Stalker
  BNC-5T Banshee
  BLR-3S Battlemaster
  AS7-7u Atlas

Mullingar Lance
  THG-11F Thug
  FLS-89C Flashman
  GLT-5M Guillotine
  ARC-5W Archer

Galway Lance
  LGB-7W Longbow
  AWS-8Q Awesome
  AXM-2M Axman
  MAD-5S Marauder

Company "B"

Dublin Lance
  BWM-3M Bowman
  RFL-5D Rifleman
  WHM-7N Warhammer
  MAD-5S Marauder

Tralee Lance
  GHR-5J Grasshopper
  GLT-5M Guillotine
  JM6-DD Jagermech
  ARC-5W Archer

Limerick Lance
  CLNT-2-3V Clint
  MON-66 Mongoose
  ASN-101 Assassin
  HCT-5S Hatchetman

Company "C"

Cork Lance
Captain Ned O'Neal EXT-5D Exterminator
  RFL-9B Rifleman
  WHM-7N Warhammer
  CPLT-3C Catapult

Shannon Lance
  WVR-7M Wolverine
  WFT-1 Wolf Trap
  RFL-5D Rifleman
  BWM-3M Bowman

Donegal Lance
  LCT-3S Locust
  JR7-K Jenner
  JVN-10N Javelin
  SDR-5V Spider

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