Table of Organization
and Equipment
First Division
First Regiment
Third Battalion

Old Sod

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Battalion Insignia


Battalion Command
Tiger Lance
  GOL-3n Goliath
  VTR-9K Victor
  ZUE-9S Zeus
  HTM-27T Hatamoto-Chi

Company "G"
Ocelot Lance
  ON1-M Orion
  BMB-12D Bombardier
  TDR-9SE Thunderbolt
  DRG-5K Grand Dragon

Cheetah Lance
  BL9-KNT Black Knight
  CGR-3K Charger
  CES-3R Caesar
  CHP-3N Champion

Puma Lance
  AXM-2N Axman
  QKD-5M Quick Draw
  LNC25-01 Lancelot
  HOP-4D Hoplite

Company "H"

Jaguar Lance
  SCP-13 Scorpion
  GRF-3M Griffin
  SHD-5M Shadow Hawk
  PHX-3S Phoenix Hawk

Panther Lance
  TBT-7M Trebuchet
  CDA-3M Cicada
  BJ-2 Blackjack
  VL-5S Vulcan

Bobcat Lance
  WTH-2 Whitworth
  CLNT-2-3V Clint
  ENF-5D Enforcer
  VND-3L Vindicator

Company "I"

Leapord Lance
  RVN-3L Raven
  FFL-4A Firefly
  HNT-171 Hornet
  MCY-97 Mercury

Lion Lance
  FLC-4N Falcon
  THE-N Thorn
  VLK-QD Valkyrie
  HSR-200D Hussar

Lynx Lance
  WLF-2 Wolfhound
  WSP-3M Wasp
  COM-5S Commando
  STG-3G Stinger

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