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The Dragoon Main Battle Tank
      The Irish Dragoons wanted to create a new main battle tank using the new HV AC10. The Dragoon’s 3rd Regiment has always liked the low profile of the Alacorn tank so it was decided to copy the low profile design. To keep the profile as low as possible the tread assemblies were moved to the outside corners of the design and four separate drive units were used instead of the traditional two. This provided the desired profile as well as increasing stability and survivability tremendously. A low profile turret completed the effort.
Dragoon Prototype (Prime)
Comparrison to existing designs for profile
The original prototype used two HV AC10s in the turret and two Streak SRM 6s in the front chassis. Even though the configuration worked well, crews who field tested the new design preferred a more flexible suite of weaponry. The answer to the request was to replace one HV AC10s with a large pulse laser and an omni capability on the turret. Even thought the prototype configuration is still available, the large pulse laser variant became the “Primary” configuration.

The Dragoon A configuration mounts a additional ER medium laser.
The Dragoon B adds an LRM 10 on top of the turret.

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