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MTT-750 Flexagon
       The MTT-750 Flexigon, (FLEXIble waGON) so named for its ability to be reconfigured into multiple layouts to suite mission objectives. In its standard configuration (shown below) it carries four massive storage bins. These can be filled or emptied while in place or the entire bin can be removed. When all four bins are removed (secondary configuration) this provides a huge, open storage bay for larger cargo such as small vehicles or ‘Mechs. Its main duties are to provide replacement parts for ‘Mechs or vehicles, munitions for all mechanized units and recover salvageable materials. Though not strictly designed for ‘Mech recovery, a massive frame can be installed on top of the chassis that can support up to a 75 ton ‘Mech. It can often be found working in concert with the MTW-99 Mobile ‘Mech Recovery Vehicle.

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