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The Joshua Missile System
      The Irish Dragoons decided that the Northern Approaches to Fort Fyve-i-o needed more protection, so they built a heavy gauss fortified battlestation. Since the fortification was a stationary installation the chance of running out of ammunition was slight, but they added two ER large lasers just for a backup system. Once the installation was complete, it was plain that it would add much needed stopping power for the defense of Fyve-i-o and several more were planned surrounding the fort. It was also plain that if the Irish Dragoons had this kind of installation, others could have it also. So as with all military inventions, a counter measure was in order.

      The answer was the Joshua Missile System. A single large missile was developed with a huge, shaped charge warhead. The system was mounted on a multi-tread transportation/launch vehicle. In extensive tests the missile proved so successful at demolishing even heavily reinforced constructions, that the missile was named Joshua. When Joshua is pitted against almost any construction, the walls come tumblin’ down.
The Joshua:
Heavy hydrolic supports can be lowered from the forward portion of the launch rail for support . This allows the forward portion of the vehicle to detach and function independantly in an engineering capacity.
A Morning Star, Alacorn and Battlemaster for scale.
The heavy gauss battlestation and the Joshua.
The heavy gauss battlestation, Joshua, and a Battlemaster.
Note the ER large lasers under the heavy gauss rifles. The rifles and lasers are on a mount
that swivels through a 360 degree firing arc.

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