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Lucky Mike and the M.M.R.V.
“Bourbon Three to Lucky Mike. Bourbon Three to Lucky Mike. Respond Lucky Mike.”

“Lima Mike to Bourbon Three. What gives?”

“Whad’da mean ‘Lima’? When was the last time anyone called you ’Lima Mike’, Michael O’Leary?”

“Well, I do try to follow the regs every once in a while, Bourbon Three. What can I do for you?”

“Get that overgrown pickup truck of your’s out to 119.034.667 by 202.001.338.”

“And just why isn’t Bourbon One making this request Bourbon Three?”

“Bourbon One’s comm is dead and he took a hit to the hip actuator. That’s why we need your little, red wagon.”

“Now did those nasty old pirates go and give you a hard time, knocking out your lance leader like that? Should I be bringing along some big boy reinforcements now?”

“It was just a lucky shot, Mike. Get a move on.”

“Roger Bourbon Three. ETA in two hours. Lucky Mike, out.”

      Michael O’Leary is the vehicle commander for the Irish Dragoons Mobile ‘Mech Recovery Vehicle. The call letters on the side of his vehicle are “LM”, Lima Mike. The “Mike” was a coincidence. “Lima” became “Lucky” after O’Leary made three round trips in the middle of a battle to pull damaged ‘Mechs out of harm’s way, saving two Mechwarrior’s lives in the process. On his last trip out two shell fragments hit the MMRV. One knocked Mike’s helmet off but didn’t even leave a scratch. The second one lodged in the back of Mike’s command chair, again without leaving a scratch. When the fragment was extracted, the manufacture’s serial number cast into the shell matched O’Leary’s service number exactly. Since then the favorite saying around Fort Fyv-I-O is, “If you look up Luck of the Irish in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Michael O’Leary.”

      The MMRV isn’t just a hauler. It can raise its bed into a vertical position and serve as a repair gantry, complete with heavy duty crane arm and catwalks. Combined with other repair and maintenance vehicles, it’s said that the engineers of the Third Regiment could repair any damage a ‘Mech could suffer in the field. And if things got really tough, they could probably build you a new ‘Mech from scratch.

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