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The Narwhale

   .  While I’m not a great kit basher (although I am well pleased with the Fledermaus Project and the Hydra mine sweeper) here’s one I’m proud of.  I would like to introduce the Narwhale LAM. 

      I needed an additional LAM for my Irish Dragoons Special Air Group.  Since I already had the Nazgul, Nemesis, Nachtjager, and NightStalker, I figured another nasty night-flyer starting with “N” would be nice.  I already had the mini pretty well completed without any armament when I remembered a picture I’d seen years ago of an ME-262:

    The concept of one large weapon for my hump-backed mini seemed to fit fine.  Wait a minute; one, long, tusk-like gun. . . hump-backed . . .  wanting  a name starting with “N” . . .


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