Table of Organization
and Equipment
First Division
Third Regimant
52nd Airborn Transport Command

First DivisionFirst RegimentSecond RegimantThird Regimant        21st Combined Air Group15th Infantry Contingent24th Welsh Regimant41st Security Squad   
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Battalion Insignia


Skid Row Gang
  R41 AirCrane
Colonel  Celestial Heavy Transport
  Yanli ODPC
  Hellbent V
  L13 Assault Drop Ship

Cardinals Lance
  C-753 Ajax Transport
  Hiryo Armored Infantry Transport

Ferry Men Lance
  MTV-03 Orca Heavy Lifter
  MTV-02 Swordfish Light VTOL
  MTV-02 Swordfish Light VTOL
  MTV-03 Orca Heavy Lifter

Whirly Birds Lance
  Tunbo Super Heavy Transport
  Karnov UR Transport
  Air Bus Twin Rotor Transport

Tracked Mobile Landing Platform
T.M.L.P. Waltzing Matilda

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